For a stronger St. Paul and a more vibrant Ward 1

Hello neighbors

I was born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota . I'm a fifth-generation daughter of the historic Rondo now Summit - University neighborhood. My parents owned and operated a small grocery store on Selby Avenue. Their hard work and dedication taught me what it meant to nourish our community. Throughout my life I’ve seen people struggling to get by, but making the most of what they had. That’s what our community is all about, why it’s great—We bridge the gaps of what we don’t have by building strong relationships and helping our fellow neighbors.

While attending Hamline University, I learned about the criminal justice system that had impacted so much of my life and the people around me. Since then, I have dedicated my career as an artist, educator and Vice President of the NAACP, to repairing that broken system, building power with people and lifting up the vision of a different kind of community: a place where everyone has their needs met, where people can turn their dreams into reality, where children grow up safe, healthy and loved.

To get there, we need a certain kind of leader: one who believes that such a world is possible, who listens and responds to constituents, who honors the policies and procedures of governance while knowing when to push back against institutional power.

I am that leader, and I would be honored to serve you on Saint Paul City Council.

Thank you for the time, energy and love you invest in making this world a better place.

With love,
Anika Bowie

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Andrea Jenkins

Vice President, Minneapolis City Council

Anika Bowie, is the right candidate for the right time. I am proud to offer my endorsement and support to this lifelong resident of Ward 1.