R.A.C.E to the Top



Our community is safe only when everyone is safe. People whose basic needs are met are less likely to return to a life of crime. I support a justice system that values people more than punishment. Let's build a Saint Paul where people can participate in our democracy and rise above their past.



Access to affordable living is what makes Saint Paul 'the most livable city'. I will continue to create opportunities that give people access to live better lives by supporting organizations that resource 

low-income communities to build.



It's time to put community first in our new initiatives. It is my duty to fight for our city. I advocate for a Saint Paul where your humanity matters.  With the support of our district councils and residents, we must center the voices of community in decision making.



Equity is investing resources fairly. Our city can do better to address barriers and open opportunities for small businesses. With your support, I will work hard to pass policies to connect people to economic opportunities. 

transformative leadership

Transformative Policy

  • Hold accessible and flexible office hours to talk openly about issues affecting St. Paul residents
  • Work with public safety officials to diversify the St. Paul Police department by adding more women of color to the force
  • Increase engagement and co-governance by hosting monthly policy sessions in community libraries and recreation centers in partnership with our neighborhood district councils
  • Improve our trash system for impacted residents and engage the community to seek achievable long-term solutions, while promoting clean street initiatives
  • Expand resources to help support new family-owned businesses grow and thrive
  • Support Community-First Public Safety initiatives to assist returning residents gain access to housing, jobs, and resources; work with Mayor Carter and City Attorney Olson to end cash bail 
  • Review code fines and fees for inequities (add a diversion step to “resources before fines”)
  • Establish affordable and sustainable housing near public transit for seniors, families, and folks seeking to make St. Paul their home 
  • Increase the usage of City informational apps to send snow emergency notifications to reduce tickets and tows 
  • Support the Department of Human Rights & Equal Economic Opportunity to diversify city contracts and simplify the procurement process to ensure accessibility for small businesses
  • Repurpose vacant structures in Ward 1 to incubate and support new and emerging entrepreneurs